Hi, I’m Emily Fontes… an unlikely farmer!

Emily Fontes Stanwood Flowers

After 20 years as a freelance web designer, brand stylist and SEO specialist, I got tired of sitting at a desk all day.

I had been gardening since 2018 and found I had a good hand for vegetables from seed.

My family has 8 acres of flat, beautiful land and I wanted to make it work for something.

In May of 2022 I bought my first dahlia tuber and now I’m laying out plans for half acre of flowers in 2023.

Idlewild Blooms farm name meaning Stanwood dahlias

I'm Inspired By

Color! As a designer I have been working with color palettes for two decades and I just LOVE combining colors. Saturated, vibrant colors make my heart sing. I love romantic, soft colors as well. I think every bouquet needs a little lavender, purple or blue!

I'm Passionate About

Growing approachable, delightful, vibrant flowers. There are a lot of romantic, muted flower farms out there. I’m different. I grow a color palette of flowers that is vivid and cheerful. I want every bouquet I make to brighten your home.

My Favorite Flower Memory

My grandmother had an absolutely enormous Cecile Brunner climbing rose at her house. It grew across the entire face of her detached garage. I would recognize it’s fragrance anywhere. The fluffy pale pink blooms make me smile.

I'm Most Happy When

I see a first sprout. I’ve spent so much time face down in dirt crying over the first teeny tiny sprout that emerges for every single thing I plant. I probably sound a little crazy whispering encouragement to my flowers every single day in the field.

Some Random Tidbits About Me

  • My obsession with Anne of Green Gables runs deep. My farm is named from the book and I read the whole series every year.
  • My family is going in to their 12th year of homeschooling. The kiddos are 4, 14 and 17.
  • I co-own a manufacturing company with my husband. Kolstrand makes deck equipment for commercial fishing boats.
  • My parents own the property next door. We have combined 13 acres of gorgeous land in semi-rural Stanwood, WA.
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